Following are quotations from a document [actually a detailed report, called PROJECT BETA] which was compiled by scientist Paul Bennewitz for officials at Kirtland AFB who were working with Bennewitz in an operational plan to bring down the 'alien' base at Dulce, New Mexico... that was until 'other interests' deep within the intelligence community got involved and brought enormous pressures against Bennewitz and various Kirtland AFB officials -- Col. Edwards, AFOSI agent Richard Doty, the Wing Commander and others who were involved -- to CEASE the investigation. Although Paul has apparently been 'silenced', the discoveries which he has made in regards to the physical-technological aspects of activity taking place in and around Dulce cannot be silenced. PROJECT BETA is apparently a proposed plan for a physical military attack on one of the major or 'KEY' basing installations of the Draconis-Orion-Reticuli forces, and may be useful in any future attempts to re-take the base from alien or ALIEN-CONTROLLED elements, and to set free the human captives who are apparently being held in cold storage or in subterranean prisons deep below the surface of the American Southwest [and beyond]. Before dealing with the report itself, we will quote some correspondence between Bennewitz and others, beginning with excerpts from Paul's March 1986 letter to Clifford Stone, now director of UFO CONTACT INTERNATIONAL in Albuquerque:


"Dear Clifford;

"...There is so much in this and so much has happened upon a near daily basis to me for seven years that I don't know where to start first.

"I think probably the best approach is to start out with some explanation in the way of statements relative to alien cultures here on Earth, their social structures, physical makeup, etc., all of which has been gleaned from the direct communications by computer, visual observation, psychological evaluation, and personal interaction.

"First, there are the Low, High and Very High cultural levels. In the Low levels of the culture there are sharply defined levels, which extend from slave level on up. There is no freedom there -- no one crosses these lines within -- cross it and you are dead. Everything is watched with optical equipment and monitored by computers and individuals called 'Keepers'.

"Spheres of many sizes float throughout their environment, monitoring audio, visual and thought frequencies (these have also been observed by workers in underground facilities reaching miles below Edwards Air Force Base and the Tahachapi mountains of California. - Branton). These units, which have a highly mirrored finish, can be talked to. They can cloak themselves so that they are totally invisible. Their control signal can be broken down into varying AM and FM components. There is no trust in this type of society. Everything is watched and monitored.

"The command structure is near totally unbelievable.

"The ruling levels wear robes of appropriate colors. The alien government involved with this group is totalitarian. They appear not to observe social and moral principles. Their credo appears to be total control or kill.

"In the North -- at the river -- the 'Orange' Insignia -- or at the Diamond as the alien calls the base. The method of rule is a monarchy. The 'king' wears purple. The high colors of social level wear green, yellow, and white. The lower levels wore brown.

"Their body metabolism is very high, estimated at 110 to 115 degrees. Elimination is through osmosis. Skin color of the ruling echelon varies from a jaundiced yellow to white. No hair of any kind. The arms are long -- near to knee level. They have very long hands and fingers. All of them look underfed. They have big heads and eyes. The humanoid types are generally light green. When in need of formula or dead they turn GREY. Many in this culture walk with a limp or shuffle their feet...

"There is a council in the North called THE NINE. ALL of them seem to be cut from the same pattern. All appear to be highly vindictive and ego-oriented. Their 'god' is called 'TA'."


And in a letter to Clifford Stone dated 3/19/86, Bennewitz writes:

"It would appear that the Greys in the north are near frantic about my communications and want to stop me from talking (elsewhere Bennewitz implied it was more of an 'interrogation' - Branton) with Io via the computer.

"This morning I have a dark red streak down the left side of my face about 2 3/4 inches long and 1/4 inch wide. Based on experience, I would guess it was done by one of those [mirrored] spheres in the bedroom last night. This is typical of their distorted sense of logic. They operate on FEAR, but their problem is that I DON'T FEAR THEM. All they have achieved with me is that I totally ignore them. It would appear that they are deathly afraid of the beings called Io and Jo [see High Culture -- the humanoids].

"You will find, if you have not already, that constant interaction will result in learning how to be aware of, and in turn use, alien logic. IT IS BECAUSE THEY OPERATE IN FEAR AND DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPTS OF FRIENDSHIP AND TRUST THAT THEY OPERATE A SOCIETY WHERE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IS WATCHED.

"Now, if you look at those in the north (Colorado? - Branton) pragmatically, they have achieved the ideal in terms of war machines and weapons. With their machines and weapons they are 'brave' -- in their minds -- without them they are just a quivering mass of fear.

(Note: I can also confirm Bennewitz' observations here, however I would also add that in addition to their technology -- especially their mind-control technology, and this relates to the following -- once one breaks through the complex matrix of LIES that the Reptilian-Grey collective projects, then they are found out to be nothing more than 'quivering' worms beneath the 'shell' as Bennewitz implies. In fact the ONLY power that these soulless vermin -- the 'hybrids' and non-collectivist reptiloids not included in this 'flaming' -- have over us is their complex DECEPTIONS and our reciprocating and capitulating FEARS. Why am I so confident to 'judge' the Greys and their 'collective' in this manner? Because I myself had fallen for their lies many times before I discovered what they were REALLY all about. As an example, the collectivist reptiloids-dinoids-greys would have us to believe that they genetically 'created' us and put us on planet earth. In response 'we' [especially those pathetic human agents who collaborate with them] tend to cower in absolute fear before our/their supposed 'creators' and try to appease them since, after all, "Resistance Is Futile!" In 'appeasing' them, we GIVE OUR POWER TO THEM! We in essence then CREATE a force which is superior to us. - Branton)

"To further enhance their 'bravery', they seek full control with the IMPLANT. [The relative effectiveness of some of these implants seems to be inversely proportional to expanded memory and awareness level]. They also know that they can control large masses of people with lower intelligence without implants -- shotgun manipulation with the beams. With that beam they can and do create mass unrest.

"The High Culture Aliens known as the Eoku:

"The High is apparently the culture of Io and Jo. They do exhibit kindness, empathy, and extreme intelligence in transmissions through the computer (then how, one might ask, can they operate such a death-fear-control-oriented system which has committed untold atrocities and violations against human abductees? Are the Eoku only feigning their benevolence? - Branton). Io's group culture is the Homo Sapians [humanoid] variety.

"Based upon the input from Jo, his hair is brown and the female Io has red hair. [Red-haired individuals claiming to be Star Travelers have shown up here in Albuquerque on the ground]. They did give indication that bodies of their group are here in Albuquerque in cryogenic containers. The location is tentatively the FAA complex north of Albuquerque. It is a fenced and guarded highly secure area. They indicated through the computer that 8 of the Eoku were shot [by the US Government] and 11 bodies were the result of crashes. [Note: The Eoku are not what are normally known as Greys, or at least the ones that directly interact in human abductions].

"There are more bodies in storage... I don't know where they all are. I knew the bodies had been moved from Maryland and are presently under US Navy jurisdiction. Yesterday, the computer indicated a total of 40 bodies [had been moved]."

EDITOR NOTE: [At last count there were more than 135 bodies in Government hands -- of various descriptions. Some humans, Greys, Reptilians, etc. - Val Valerian]

"I was shown a color photograph by Richard Doty two years or more ago of a purported alien lifeform held prisoner. Supposedly it was taken at Los Alamos. He was alive -- a light green color -- big eyes -- standing directly in front of the camera...

"So far I know very little about the High except for what I have experienced. They are Homo Sapien, and I would guess that they are the same that accidentally [?] zapped Travis Walton. If the numbers are correct out of the computer they number over 5,000. The other group is, I believe, equivalent in number. Indications seem to be that they are operating from a star ship in far orbit around the Earth.

"The culture has apparent social values and emotionalism. They seem to display kindness and concern for individuals (then again we must ask, WHY are they considered the 'leaders' of aliens which show little if any 'concern' for individuals? - Branton). Their technology is superior to ours and also to the Greys based in the north, who are trying to "play god" with badly distorted logic.

"The 'Very High' are very few in number. Their entire structure of knowledge and social interaction is so far advanced that it is near impossible for me to relate to. Again, much of this is based on personal experience of which I have never talked with anyone about. In fact, you are the first.

"I would guess that these 'very high' are quite old -- 1000 years is not apparently unrealistic. I would guess that there are a few of them on the star ship used by the 'high', and that they are preserved and cared for by those on the ship...

"For over 300 years, a conflict has been going on between the Greys, who are basically warlike and aggressive, and the higher factions in the infrastructure." (Bennewitz does not explain the apparent dichotomy of how compassionate humanoids and malevolent reptiloids who are at war with each other could be part of the same 'infrastructure'. Perhaps both the Grays and the Humanoids utilize the same collective-mind-network and therefore are intricatally tied-in with the other whether they like it or not. This would make the "High" and "Very High" leaders in something equivalent to the Ashtar collective. - Branton)







Investigator -- Physicist -- Paul F. Bennewitz


The following are key mile posts established or discovered during the continuing scientific study concerning Alien intervention and the result. [Study limited soley to New Mexico]

1) Two years continuous recorded electronic surveillance and tracking with D.F. 24 hr/day data of alien ships within sixty [60] miles radius of Albuquerque plus 6000 feet motion picture of same -- daylight and night.

2) Detection and disassembly of alien communication and video channels -- both local, earth, and near space.

3) Constant reception of video from alien ship and underground base viewscreen; Typical alien, humanoid and at times apparent Homo Sapiens.

4) A case history of an Encounter Victim in New Mexico which lead to the communication link and discovery that apparently all encounter victims have deliberate alien implants along with obvious accompanying scars. The victim's implants were verified by x-ray and Cat Scan. Five other scar cases were also verified.

5) Established constant direct communications with the Alien using a computer and a form of Hex Decimal Code with Graphics and print-out. This communication was instigated apparently after the US base was vacated (following U.S. intelligence's apparent loss of the Dulce Wars? - Branton)

6) Through the alien communication loop, the true underground base location was divulged by the alien and precisely pin-pointed.

7) Subsequent aerial and ground photographs revealed landing pylons, ships on the ground -- entrances, beam weapons and apparent launch ports -- along with aliens on the ground in electrostaticly supported vehicles; charging beam weapons also apparently electrostatic.

8) Cross correlation and matching by triangulation, etc., to official NASA CIR [color infrared] high resolution films confirmed base locations and resulted in revealing US Military involvement yielding precise coordinates and the US base layout.

9) Prior alien communication had indicated military involvement and the fact [that] the USAF had a ship but due to studied alien psychology this was ignored at the time.

10) Subsequently, the alien communicated following verification with the CIR, that there was indeed a ship; actually more than one -- that two were wrecked and left behind and another built -- this ship is atomic powered and flying. The alien indicated its basing location.

11) Is was learned as stated that two women and a boy near Austin, Texas were exposed to severe radiation at close range and the ship was last seen going West with helicopters. In addition, the US Government was quietly picking up the [medical] expenses.

12) Subsequent inspection of motion picture photographs taken during the study revealed the US ship or one like it flying with the aliens. These match the CIR where two can be seen on the ground and in the later photographs taken on the ground after the base was abandoned.


"So in very brief form the prologue to learning within reasonable accuracy what transpired prior to the end of 1979 or shortly thereafter.

"The computer communications and constant interaction with the alien in this manner WITHOUT direct encounter has given a reasonably clear picture of the alien psychology, their logic and logic methods and their prime intent.

"It is important to note at the outset, the alien is DEVIOUS, employs DECEPTION, has NO INTENT of any apparent peace making process and obviously does NOT adhere to any prior arranged agreement.

"In truth they tend to LIE, however their memory for lying is not long and direct comparative computer printout analysis reveals this fact. Therefore much "drops through the crack" so to speak; and from this comes the apparent truth.

"It is not the intent of this report to criticize or point fingers. Obviously whoever made the initial agreement was operating upon our basis of logic and not that of the alien and in so doing apparently walked innocently, in time, into a trap.

"The alien indicated that the 'Greys', apparently the group initially involved in the agreement, were still upset about the initial capture and subsequent death of the first eight of their co-fellows.

"Another group, calling themselves in the Computer language, the 'Orange' -- their base is on the west slope of Mt. Archuleta -- directly west of the south end of the U.S. base and near NW of the apparent main landing area they call, in the Computer language, "The Diamond". This, because from a distance, it looks diamond shaped in the photographs when looking somewhat south west past the observation tower toward the ridged peak SE of Mt. Archuleta. This ridged peak has no name, I call it South Peak.

"The base extends north of this peak to the edge of the cliff down which goes a road past a large alloy dome thirty-eight [38] foot across the bottom and with a twenty [20] foot hole in the top.

"Based upon some of the aerial photographs during which the alien was caught in the open and launching -- some launches appear to be coming from the direction of the dome. I would guess it is an underground launch egress facility. In the NASA CIR there is what appears to be a black limousine alongside the dome on a ramp. Surprisingly it is precisely the size of my 79 Lincoln Town Car. Wheeled vehicles and what appear to be Snow Cats or Catapillars can be seen throughout the CIR -- car and truck tracks, trucks and jeeps. I don't believe aliens have wheels -- humans do.

"Numerous road blocks extend northward through the U.S. base along a well maintained road thirty some-odd feet wide -- apparently gravel -- near all weather -- numerous turn arounds and wheel tracks into launch preparation areas with the ships; pads marked with twenty-six [26] foot Xs and servicing facilities, tanks, etc. -- two domed polygon high voltage buildings on north on the east side of the road, also an apparent foundation for another or a helo pad -- test stands, human housing, water tank [thirty-two foot across] -- and at one of the main road blocks, two large vehicles parked across the road. Also at that point another apparent black limousine with tracks leading to it [and] to the west of the road. All tracks and vehicles have been dimensioned and match military vehicles. IF I were to make a guess, I would estimate the likelihood that the apparent black limousines are CIA.

"This is but a limited inventory of what was there on Sept. 8, 1978 -- included only as evidential matter for your perusal and confirmation. The road, which incidentally the natives, the tribal chief, reservation police and highway patrolman know nothing about, comes in off of a trail from the north. Starting at the trail, line of sight to the large plateau area and the alloy dome, the road, in the middle of nowhere on the Jiccarilla Reservation, is precisely 12,888 ft. long airline distance. The total alien basing area, which apparently contains SEVERAL cultures [now all under the designation 'UNITY' in the Computer language] is approximately three (3) Km wide by eight (8) Km long [multi-leveled]. A conservative guess based upon the number of ships presently over this area and the number on the ground in the CIR photographs, the total alien population at this point is AT LEAST two thousand and most likely MORE. The alien indicates MORE are coming or on the way.

"I won't attempt to speculate in this report as to how the initial U.S. contact was made -- what transpired, nor how many were able to escape. The alien has communicated his account, and if totally true, it certainly is not palatable.

"Much detail has been omitted for future discussion if desired -- however the import is this. Constant computer communication -- full on line in February of this year -- manual prior to that -- conditions of morale and a total insight into "what makes the alien run". This is VERY valuable data.

1) Most importantly, the alien will allow no one to go without an implant AND after knowledge of it is wiped out. They simply will not allow it. All indications are that communication or language cannot result without the implant [with the exception of the Binary and the Computer]. This would indicate a possible immediate threat or danger for anyone -- military, Air Force, or otherwise that has been at the base. They WILL NOT remember the implant in any case [the contactee here included].

"The reason for the implant is multiple for both language or communication by thought [there is no apparent language barrier with thought] and also COMPLETE ABSOLUTE CONTROL by the alien through program -- by their beam or direct contact.

"I have tested this and found that during this programming the person then has no memory of the act/conversation afterward. IF THIS HAS HAPPENED TO THE MILITARY, I NEED NOT ELABORATE AS THE POSSIBLE CONSEQUENCES. The victim's 'switch' can be pulled at any time and at the same time they are "walking cameras and microphones" if the alien chooses to listen in with the use of their beams.

"No classified area of any endeavor in the U.S. is inviolate under these conditions. However -- realize -- the scars, barely visible -- CAN be seen -- ALL are exactly located and ALL are accessible by x-ray.

"2) Also note that all of the aliens -- human, humanoid alike -- all must have implants -- without them, no direct communication is apparently possible. So one can most generally arbitrarily say that IF a person states he/she communicated by thought with an alien -- he/she most likely has been implanted. They may also claim to be overly psychic and be able to prove this -- again through the link transplant, he/she is given the information by the alien and does not realize.

"3) Most importantly, the alien, either through evolvement or because the humanoid is 'made' -- will exhibit tendencies for bad logic [bad by earth logic comparison] so they ARE NOT infallible -- in point of fact they appear to have many more frailties and weaknesses than the normal Homo Sapiens (which they attempt to compensate for through their technology - Branton). To the alien, the mind is key and therein lies a great weakness which will be discussed later.

"4) They ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED. It is suspected if one was considered a 'friend' and if one were to call upon that 'friend' in time of dire physical threat, the 'friend' would quickly side with the other side.

"The computer indicates in comparison, that no known earth protagonist, Russian or otherwise, exhibit these tendencies to any major degree indicating the DANGER involved in making any kind of agreement with these aliens -- at least of this species.

"5) The alien does KILL with the beam generally. Results on a human will exhibit a three to four cm purple circle. If done from the rear, on one or both shoulders. The results on cattle are the same, essentially exhibiting purple beneath the hide, with burned circles on the outside.

"6) Cattle mutilations are the other side of the coin and will not be delved into here although they are a part of the overall. It appears the humanoids are fed by a formula made from HUMAN OR CATTLE material or BOTH and they are made from the same material by gene splicing and the use of female encounter victim's ovum. The resultant embyros are referred to by the alien as an 'organ'. Time of gestation to full use as a utility, ready to work appears to be about one year. A year in alien time -- I do not know.

"Solution: I doubt there is an immediate total 'cure' per se -- however, they MUST BE STOPPED and we have to get off dead center before we find time has run out. They are picking up and 'cutting' [as the alien calls it] many people every night. Each implanted individual is apparently ready for the pull of their 'switch'. Whether all implants are totally effective I cannot predict, but CONSERVATIVELY I would estimate at least 300,000 or more in the U.S. and as least 2,000,000 if not more worldwide.

"WEAPONRY AND INHERENT WEAKNESSES: Weaponry is one of the keys and in the alien's present state we CAN prepare an effective offense.

"One tends at the outset [I did] to look at their machines and say -- there is no defense or offense. One is overwhelmed by their speed, apparent capability of invisibility and 'cloaking', and other covert capabilities not discussed at this time. In particular -- the beam weapons are themselves a direct threat and obviously one that must be seriously considered but not overly so.

"Let us first look at just what this weapon is. It is an electro-static weapon with plasma generating voltages -- and an internal storage device -- it is pulse powered. The beam, totally effective IN ATMOSPHERE can be loaded with hydrogen or oxygen. Range? Average, ground weapons -- maximum two (2) Km if it is dry, capable of sustaining just so many full power discharges -- slow leakage occurs continuously, therefore, they must be recharged periodically. If it is raining the weapon becomes ineffective and is swamped, thus discharged (this should be considered in any future potential offensive strike against the base - Branton). The range is near totally lost at that point.

"On the disks and saucers, the weapon is generally on the left side or top center and has a maximum range of two hundred [200] meters at which point it will plow a trench in desert soil. When fired -- it fires both to the front and to the back equally. Reason? Because of their mode and methods of flight. If equilibrium is not maintained, the saucer will spin out.

"Hand weapons? Estimate based upon visible damage observed, not too much velocity nor staying power but at short range -- deadly [less than a .45 cal automatic]. (Note: This may explain the late Phil Schneider's claim that at close range the radiation-beam weapons of the aliens he encountered beneath Dulce were deadly, however at long range less so... although at long range the beam weapons are capable of inducing severe radiation damage - Branton). At one meter range, estimate of beam temperature 1600 degrees F or higher; it can vaporize metal. Apparently the disks and weapons operate from a storage source. In time, without periodic recharge, this source is depleted. The design they traded to us was at least thirty years old -- employing an atomic source. Possibly they may still have some -- it would appear so -- their staying power is obviously much longer.

"AIRCRAFT HELICOPTER VULNERABILITY: ANY of our aircraft, helicopters, missiles or any AIR FLIGHT vehicle can be taken down instantly with no use of weaponry. The alien simply need do no more than make one invisible pass and their bow wave or screen or both will take the air lift vehicle down. The pilot obviously will not even know what hit him (Perhaps Stealth type fighters equipt with electromagnetic force shields may be more effective in this regard... also advanced infrared scanners may be used to detect 'cloaked' alien ships before they have a chance to attack. - Branton).

"For humans on the ground, the alien can use weaponry or bow wave. The partial pressure envelope can hit with the power of a tornado -- shock rise time and G force is instantaneous. However, they dare not hit the craft physically because they ARE fragile and in fact, under slow flying conditions within our atmosphere, hold a very tenuous position. Without power, the balance or equilibrium, they lose it.



"Because of this apparent control, INDIVIDUAL INSTANTANEOUS DECISION MAKING BY THE ALIEN IS LIMITED. IF THE 'PLAN' GOES EVEN SLIGHTLY OUT OF BALANCE OR CONTEXT, THEY BECOME CONFUSED. Faced with this, possibly, the humanoids would be the first to break and run.


"Psychologically, at present, their morale is down -- near disintegration. There is pronounced dissension in the ranks; even with the humanoids. Communication can encourage this [not a necessity to expound upon this other than to say BECAUSE OF THEIR OWN INTERNAL VULNERABILITY MIND-WISE TO EACH OTHER, THEREIN LIES A PRIME WEAKNESS]. Inter-echelon or individual 'trust' appears to be totally lacking so suspicion of each other is rampant. They are highly segregated as to levels -- a 'low' dare not conflict with a 'medium' or 'high' or it literally means death. Death being, to the humanoid, deprogramming or, in the end perhaps total physical death.

"THEY APPEAR TO BE TOTALLY DEATH ORIENTED and because of this, absolutely DEATH-FEAR oriented. THIS IS A PSYCHOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE. The computer also gives indications of a real possibility of adverse or 'ground programming'.

"2) Consider their ships -- most if not all run on charge. The source depletes and so dependent upon size, depletion can occur from some within a week or less. Ships can replenish each other but only up to charge balance. This is done with antennae-like extensions and the charge is distributed observing conservation of energy laws. THEY CAN REPLENISH FROM POWER LINES -- BUT AGAIN ONLY TO A POINT -- so time of flight is limited. Deprived of their base recharge capability, it is indicated that all ships will come down within six months to a year unless they can get transported out -- that is back to the prime launch ship.

"The disks and saucers in general cannot fly in space because of their mode of flight (i.e. unless they are within an interplanetary or interstellar 'launch' or 'carrier' vessel - Branton). Therefore, deprived of home base, it is not likely they can survive. THEIR CAPABILITY IN POWER SURVIVAL OUTLASTS THEIR CAPABILITY IN FOOD OR FORMULA SURVIVAL. IF THEY DO NOT GET THE FORMULA/FOOD WITHIN A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME THEY WILL WEAKEN AND DIE.

"IN THE CASE OF MT. ARCHULETA AND SOUTH PEAK, THEY ARE DEPENDENT UPON THE NAVAJO RIVER FOR WATER SUPPLY AND WATER TO THEM IS TOTALLY LIFE. WITHOUT WATER THEY HAVE NO POWER; WITHOUT POWER, NO OXYGEN OR HYDROGEN TO SERVICE THE SHIPS AND WEAPONS. NO WATER TO SUSTAIN THE ORGANS AND FEEDING FORMULA (Note: We should also take into account the possibility of subterranean water sources. Also, if the base can be weakened by shutting off the supply-line of water, the 'formula', and so-on, it might be wise for the sake of the humanoid 'prisoners' below not to wait until the base is too weak, otherwise this might endanger these humans captives. We suggest that in addition to the strategies that Bennewitz gives in this document, an all-out under 'ground' invasion force should also be considered -- similar to the "Tunnel Rats" of the Viet Nam war -- a force that is prepared to enter the base when it is at a specific 'weak' point, and make strategic or surgical 'kills' of enemy forces while still considering the human and hu-brid captives. A multi-leveled operation utilizing surprise, confusion and intimidation to their fullest potential should be considered... and the sooner the better considering the continuous infiltration and sabotage of all levels of our society. - Branton).


"Once the bases are pressed on a large scale, all disks and saucers will go airborne immediately. TROOPS ON THE GROUND CAN GAIN TERRAIN COVER TO QUITE A DEGREE -- IT IS ROUGH TERRAIN.

"3) OUR NEED IS FOR A WEAPON, workable and preferably NOT like the alien's. I believe unless the alien is caught unawares [with their screen up their weapons are equal so they are like children pillow boxing] there can be no result; THE WEAPON MUST PENETRATE THEIR SCREEN AND IT MUST ALSO PENETRATE THE GROUND. I BELIEVE I HAVE THAT WEAPON (Note: Was this suggestion of Bennewitz' for a 'ground-penetrating device', the original inspiration for the Los Alamos 'Excalibur' weapon -- a nuclear device which was designed to rapidly drill a hole through the earth and destroy 'aliens' in their underground bases? - Branton). Two small prototypes have been funded and constructed by my Company. Tests conducted to date indicate they do work and work rather well considering their small size. Because of this weapon's present status and proprietary nature [a basic patent is in process], the theory will not be explained here. However, the weapon appears to do two things at very low power. 1) The disks within it's range begin to discharge when exposed to the weapon beam. To counteract, they must apply more power and in so doing consume power. Again conservation of energy laws strictly apply. (Note: Wilhelm Reich, whose research has been suppressed by certain 'interests', gained some level of success with a beam-weapon of this type. Reich was able to 'discharge' the energy of UFO craft that had appeared over his research facility, alien craft that were apparently curious of his work in regards to his 'Orgon' energy powered 'cloudbuster' experiments. - Branton)

"This effect can be observed on the detection instruments as they back away in response to slow discharge. DISCHARGE, AT LOW POWER IS SLOW BUT AT HIGH POWER IN THE FINAL SOPHISTICATED WEAPON, THE RATE CAN BE INCREASED BY MANY ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE. 2) MOST IMPORTANTLY, THIS WEAPON CAN PENETRATE THE SCREEN -- HULL ALLOY, EVERYTHING. They cannot shield it in any way. Lastly, BECAUSE OF THE IMPLANTS, THE WEAPON'S BEAM GETS TO THEM MENTALLY; THEY LOSE JUDGMENT AND INDICATE ALMOST IMMEDIATE CONFUSION, PARTICULARLY THE HUMANOIDS. (that is, the electromagnetic crystalline 'implants' that link the aliens together into a collective mind or group intelligence. - Branton)

"It is believed at this early stage -- based upon present testing -- that the weapon when full on and full size will kill and bring down disks at substantial range. The alien weapons operate substantially the same as their disks using a charge source and charge distribution. So, in the same sense it is indicated that this weapon design will pull their charge weapons down very rapidly.

"The range of my weapon exceeds that of their present weapons and in its most sophisticated form can be readily computer controlled to allow extremely rapid tracking and lock-on regardless of speed along with electronic wobbulation of the beam. IT IS A BEAM WEAPON and even at this early stage of miniature prototype testing and development, it indicates EVENTUAL superiority to their weapons.


"AN ATTACK MUST BE DIRECTED NEAR ENTIRETY ON THE GROUND FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. One would, if familiar with the alien capability, indicate that vehicle ignition problems will be encountered. This is precisely true; however, the reason for this is not mysterious but is based upon good solid laws of physics and are known. [From] experience gained through my study, it is now known how to prevent this from happening and will be discussed in detail at some later date. All electrical and electronic equipment must be 'hardened' using these specific techniques prior to implementation. Because of the known capability of the alien [by use of scanning beams to know in advance details of planning] only the initial outline is presented in this report.

"Again through the communicative interaction (computer-linked 'interrogation' - Branton) with the alien, testing has simultaneously been done upon this facet, i.e. eavesdropping and ways to abort this capability have been tested and proven.

"The program would be instigated in phases. The first phase -- planning and logistics -- would include continued implementation and testing of the final weapon prototype through the pre-production stage. Production of at least fifty minimum quality should be planned. Additional backup spares should also be included.

"On a full time shift basis, it is estimated that at least one year or less would be required to arrive at the pre-production stage. A team would be organized by THUNDER SCIENTIFIC to accomplish this. The key work is now and would be done by an associated company, BENNEWITZ LABS., LTD.

"Specific attack phases would be incorporated:


"2) Once deprived TOTALLY of water for a minimum period of four weeks, conditions in the alien bases under discussion will have badly deteriorated. PSYCHOLOGICAL SHOCK IS EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE WITH THE ALIEN; total advantage can be taken by instantaneous action or planned observable deviation from the norm. AT LEAST THREE BASES WILL GO DOWN.

"3) If they follow their normal strategic pattern as when pressed previously, they will launch most if not all ships.

"4) Prior to the implementation of water deprivation, the weapons should be deployed at strategic hardened locations and activated in a certain pre-planned manner determined by final weapon coordinate locations.

"5) This will put an immediate power drain upon those airborne and the alien weapons ringing their bases.

"6) Because of the inherent psychological aspect of the alien (Bennewitz probably refers to 'the alien' in a singular sense because of the 'collective hive mind' nature of the Reptilian Grays - Branton), much can be done in the open with no attempt to preserve secrecy. Much of what is done can be of a diversionary nature. UNDER MOST CIRCUMSTANCES THEY WILL ATTEMPT TO HARASS BUT WILL NOT OPENLY ATTACK.

(Note: From my own personal experience and research, the Grays and other members of the 'draconian hive' are more dependent on mental or psychological warfare than on material warfare, although they have used physical weaponry in the past when pushed into a corner -- as in airborne assaults between their craft and ours or ground assaults against their underground strongholds, as the 'Dulce' and 'Groom' wars themselves have established. Being 'logic-based' they would prefer to take control of a target planet by way of psychological infiltration without risking the loss of machinery and personnel that would result from an attempted overt or physical Invasion. An alien race would have to be extraordinarily over-confident of their own superiority to undertake an all-out attack like that depicted in the motion picture INDEPENDENCE DAY. As has reportedly been the case with other targeted planets, the Reptiloids/Greys hold back a physical attack until they have succeeded in infiltrating the targeted planetary culture via Trojan-horse type interactions with some of the more self-serving elements of that planet's culture. In the case of planet earth the Nazified CIA and NSA agencies were chosen. These collaborators -- and in many or most cases alien infiltrators, clones, cyborgs or 'implantees' working within these agencies -- in turn set the inhabitants of the targeted planet against each other so as to bring about world depopulation, to the point where resistance to the invasional attack would be minimal. The aliens usually seek out those eco-political cult leaders who would be willing to 'sell out' their own world to the alien agenda in exchange for promises of alien assistance in implementing a so-called joint-operational dictatorship, one in which their own respective power cult[s] would supposedly be the favored power structure once the planet is assimilated and annexed to the alien empire. However if we are to consider the historical trends of the alien collectivists, they may only favor this cult until it has served its purpose. Following the establishment of the alien agenda these power cultists might at best be totally mind-controlled and at worst be eliminated, in that the 'alien' has no sense of honor or loyalty to those with whom they have establish agreements -- they only have their agenda and they will justify ANY course of action that best serves to bring about that agenda. The human cultists would become so preoccupied about establishing their own planetary empire, that they would blind themselves to the fact that the aliens are merely USING them until such a time as their usefulness has been served. However until that time they will USE the human cultists to foment internal planetary sabotage and to infiltrate and dis-able the major freedom-fighter or resistance movements from within. There are three major 'collaboration' elements on earth -- the Bavarian Lodges, the CIA-NSA-Rockefeller agencies, and the 'Nazi' forces within the "New Berlin - 211" base network beneath the mountains of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica. Agents of the Bavarian Lodges AND the German-immigrant Rockefellers DO work together within the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency], NSA [National Security Agency], UNO [United Nations Organization], and NWO [New World Order] agendas. The establishment of the Antarctic bases may have been the idea of the highest-ranking Nazi's rather than the Rockefellers, although the Bavarian lodges [Illuminati, Thule, Vril, etc.] WERE involved, however there are many indications suggesting that the Antarctican, Bavarian, and Rockefeller agendas are increasingly merging with each other, suggesting that all three are now working together, at least to some extent and especially at the higher levels. There seems to be a "serpent cult" at work at the very highest levels of these three groupings composed of humanoids and reptiloids operating as part of a marriage of convenience, in that the Reptiloids/Grays need the political-economic-social[ist]-military-industrial connections of the humanoids to gain footholds within human society and the humanoids need the implant/spacecraft/mind control technology to implement their "New World Order". The lower levels of the Bavarian-NSA-Antarctican factions may seem to be in conflict with each other, however where this exists it may all amount to a Hegalian-Machievellian type manipulation imposed by the higher levels of the Draconian hierarchy in order to keep the lower levels compartmentalized and therefore more easily controlled. Occasional 'purges' have been carried out to root-out those who are not 100 devoted to the cause. In America there are fifth-column 'saboteurs' within the Patriot-Militia movements who are the supporters of "White Supremacy Americanism". Whether knowingly or unknowingly these agents work for something called "The Order" [of the Fourth Reich]. Part of their mission is to divert attention from the Draconian-Orion-Ashtarian and Bavarian-NSA-Antarctican "New World Order" agenda and to an over-emphasized 'Zionist' threat based on the forged 'revelations' within the PROTOCOLS--OF ZION document, which was in fact created by the Russian Secret Police for this very diversionary purpose. There are indications that the Bavarian occult lodges, the CIA-NSA agencies, and even the Antarctican factions have fed the Patriot network with RACIST and therefore anti-American ideologies meant to fragment and discredit the Militias and make them out to be neo-Nazi fanatics. In this manner several of the patriotism-based militia groups have been 'corrupted' and have defeated their very purpose, that is to defend a Constitutional republic wherein "all men are created equal". - Branton)

"7) Throughout and prior to this, the open computer communications link will be operational for continued PSYCHOLOGICAL INTERROGATION.

"8) At some point in time -- again resting upon battle status, THE DEPLOYMENT OF OFFENSIVE FORCES WILL BEGIN. This deployment should be done in a near instantaneous manner under certain special conditions that can be discussed.

"9) The weapon system should be kept powered up throughout. In this manner, the disks will be made to stay airborne. They cannot land in the interval the system is powered.

"10) When the weapon is used in one specific power mode, in addition to continuous discharge on the disks that are airborne and the ground based weapons, THE MIND CONFUSION AND DISORIENTATION WILL BUILD IN THOSE PERSONNEL AT THE BASE AND UNDERGROUND. At the end of four to five weeks or less, all weapons should be totally discharged and power out on the bases. Most personnel if not all, will be totally incapacitated. THE FEEDING FORMULA WILL BE DOWN AND IT'S CRITICAL PROCESSING RUINED. ALL [alien] EMBRYOS SHOULD BE DEAD AND ALL HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN CONSUMABLES DEPLETED. (Note: This is of course speaking in 'conventional' warfare terms, however one must balance this by taking into account the psychic-supernatural aspects of this conflict scenario as well. In such an event the chaplain may be of as much importance as a commanding general himself, especially in regards to reinforcing within ground troops the mental-spiritual attitude necessary to counter the 'fear' projected by alien sorcerer and psychic warfare specialists via occult-technology. Maintaining a state of absolute confidence and 'faith' in one's ability to establish a victory over the aliens is essential in that if one's confidence is broken as a result of psychic attack, then it would be very difficult to even make an attempt to follow through to final victory... the battle is already lost. Other possibilities should also be considered in a future assault on this major Nexus of alien activity. For instance, if the extent of the base is much deeper and wide-spread then previously believed -- via interconnected caverns and shuttle terminals -- then these facts should be brought into the scenario as well. For instance the 'aliens' might escape 'through the tubes' to other installations. Even if this does occur this major basing complex can be fully taken by human forces, and then used as a 'staging' area to initiate attacks -- in alliance with other humanoid cultures 'below' or 'above' who are also at war with the 'Draconian Collectivist' Reptiloids and Grays -- against their various strongholds which undoubtedly exist throughout the 'inner realms'. - Branton)

"11) Based upon data gathered on the miniature prototype weapons, the full power weapons should have no problem holding off the disks. In many cases some will break within the first forty-eight hours without being directly hit.

"12) At that point, standard weapon technology and logistics can come into play and [be] used to the extent of destruction desired at the direction of those in charge.

"13) The communications can be used throughout to determine status and near the end to attempt to instigate surrender. If no response results, then they should simply be closed in and waited out.


"The weapon theory and prototypes were built to capitalize upon and test two KEY and prominent weaknesses discovered. This in-house funded program has been expensive, in excess of $200,000; done ON BEHALF OF OUR NATION and handled in the best representative manner humanly possible.


"2) Though their ships are magnificent, they are also weak -- solely BECAUSE of their method and unique mode of flight. They do not have a stable fighting platform (Note: The effectiveness of stable-flying conventional jet aircraft ARMED with advanced beam weaponry has been confirmed by the 'South African Incident' -- which was investigated by QUEST INTERNATIONAL, a British UFO research organization made-up of former police, security and military officials. The incident involved a UFO that was reportedly intercepted using an experimental aircraft-mounted THOR-II laser cannon. The weapon was fired and several blinding flashes were seen by the attacking Mirage-jet pilot, and the disc crashed at high speed into the desert sands of the Kalahari. The craft was brought to a South African base and using hydraulic equipment the 'door' was opened and two blue-gray aliens with reptilian features staggered out and were apprehended. When one doctor attempted to take a blood sample from one of the creatures, the being attacked him and its claw-like hands left deep scratches on his face and chest. The aliens proved to be rather vicious and seemed to operate on an individual-collective intelligence mode. Subsequent research suggested a possible genetic connection 'similar' to that of the early bi-pedal saurian species on earth according to one leaked document, and that the aliens were highly adaptable or mutational. In the event of jet-mounted beam weapons however, the PROBLEM would be our ability to determine whether these craft are friends or foes! The QUEST INTERNATIONAL officials have revealed sufficient evidence to prove that either the event DID happen OR that the international intelligence community had collaborated in a massive and expensive UFO hoax. Either way, the implications are provocative. - Branton). Charge distribution CAN also be discharged. The weapon does this -- even in it's present miniature prototype state.

"IT IS NOT THE PURPOSE OF THIS REPORT TO IMPLY THAT THE OVERALL PROBLEM WILL BE SOLVED WITH THE CAPTURE OF THESE BASES. Obviously IT WILL NOT, but it is a firmly based beginning with a high degree of rated projected success ratio. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO IMPLY THE ALIEN WILL NOT FIGHT; THEY MAY -- THOUGH THEIR INCLINATION IS GENERALLY THE OPPOSITE -- THIS BASING AREA IS KEY! WITHOUT IT, THEIR MISSION IS IN VERY DEEP TROUBLE. It is noted that these are not the only bases on earth. There ARE others. With a conservative estimate using typical logistic support numbers, it is not unrealistic to say there are 50,000 aliens (at the very least - Branton) within the ecosphere of earth and near space.

(Note: Even IF this basing nexus is captured by U.S. Constitutional forces and a large percentage of the underground 'joint-operational' agenda is forced from the underground networks of the U.S.A., it is very likely that they would NOT retreat to other planets, but would instead retreat to their more ancient underground strongholds in other parts of the world. This would not necessarily end the activities of the serpent cult [the humanoid-reptiloid collaboration] on earth, but it would provide a BASE from which future atrocities of the 'serpent cult' may be battled on, below, and beyond planet earth. Such an action would no doubt provoke a negative response from other human power-centers on planet earth that are also being manipulated by and/or have been infiltrated by the aliens, for instance the Bavarian cults and their "New World Order" forces. The draconians might, as suggested in the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation, attempt a military attack against the U.S.A. in order to prevent the takeover of "their" underground fortresses here -- or an attack after the fact in retaliation for such a take-over. The important thing to remember however is that freedom NEVER comes without a price... HOWEVER THE PRICE FOR MAINTAINING OUR FREEDOM IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE PRICE WE WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR LOSING IT!!! Remember, no matter WHAT trials America must pass through in the future in her efforts to maintain freedom, liberty and individuality from the forces of collectivist tyranny, WE MUST NEVER FORGET THAT THE OUTCOME OF THIS 'WAR' WILL HAVE A TREMENDOUS IMPACT NOT ONLY ON THE FUTURE OF THIS PLANET BUT ALSO ON THE FUTURE OF ALL OF THE COLONIAL WORLDS WITHIN THIS GALAXY WHO ARE INTENTLY LOOKING TOWARDS PLANET EARTH AND ESPECIALLY AMERICA -- WHICH IS THE 'EPICENTER' OR STAGING-GROUND FOR THE LATEST BATTLE BETWEEN THE HUMAN 'FEDERATION' AND THE REPTILOID 'EMPIRE' -- TO SEE JUST WHICH WAY THE BATTLE WILL TURN. According to several contactees many Federation forces and personnel from the Andromeda and Pleiades constellations, and also from Tau Ceti, Procyon and other star systems, are so absolutely devoted to their belief in non-interventionism that they have blockaded our Sol system from Draconian-Orionite interventionists who would take advantage of this critical and unstable time in earth's history [the close of the 20th century] to claim yet another treasure planet -- perhaps the most strategic planet of all -- for their empire. This would have a devastating impact on all of the Federation worlds, since this planet and all its chemical-mineral-plant-animal-liquid-genetic-etc., resources could be used as a staging world for Draconian attack against other Federation worlds. As this is being written, Federation Personnel are fighting and dying near the outskirts of our Sol system, according to Contactee Alex Collier and others, in order to prevent this from happening and to prevent continued 'intervention' in the affairs of planet earth by the various galactic vermin, scum, parasites, and filth that have poisoned and destroyed countless human colonial worlds throughout this galaxy and possibly others. No matter what trials we as Americans must pass through in the future in order to defend our nation and our planet from the draconians and their ungodly human "New World Order" collaborators, NEVER forget that we are not only fighting for our families, our communities, our states, and our nation. We are also fighting for our planet, our star system, and for OUR GALAXY! - Branton)

"Some of us will be lost in the endeavor that is obvious -- however, done NOW the advantage is gained along with new additional technology to prepare for the next stage.

"The key to overall success is -- they TOTALLY respect FORCE. And with them, the most effective method is to stubbornly continue to pick and pull at their defense WITH NO LETUP. Faced with the total loss of a base that has taken YEARS to construct, it is believed that their mission WILL be grossly weakened and badly slowed.

"As Americans, in this particular instance, we MUST realize that we in this case cannot rely upon our inherent moral principles to provide the answer. Negotiation IS OUT. This particular group can only be dealt with NO DIFFERENTLY than one must deal with a mad dog. THAT method they understand.

(This has led some to suggest that the only way to deal with the Grays is through direct force and threat of death. That is, to demand unconditional surrender of their forces to ours and threaten their destruction if they do not comply. It is possible, according to some contactees, that certain of the reptilian life-forms can be tamed -- that is IF they are somehow disconnected from the alien collective-hive mind. This would be especially true with the genetic 'hybrids' and especially those hybrids who possess a human soul-matrix. Even if they surrender, those aliens that are truly non-human -- that is, no soul -- can NEVER be allowed to work and operate on an equal basis with other humans, but must EVER remain subservient and I would personally suggest prevented from reproducing after their kind, since they do not possess the integral 'conscience' necessary, of their own initiative, to overcome their base animal or predatory instincts or drives. For those who may disagree, just look at the known history of the Reptiloids/Greys in their dealings with human beings. One should not be mislead by the apparent "superiority of intelligence" of the Greys, since their intelligence is a direct result of the collective mind. Without the 'collective' hive and operating on their own they are mentally inferior to human beings, at least on an individual basis. The Greys have told some individuals that they are 'legally' here on earth and in America because of the 'treaties'. Did they 'legally' implant numerous influential men and women with mind control devices against their conscious will? Did they 'legally' and permanently abduct untold thousands of men, woman and children to their underground bases? Are they 'legally' mutilating and stealing our livestock? Did an elected Congress 'legally' agree to these treaties -- or was it an Executive branch of government which has appointed numerous UNELECTED personnel and agencies, in many cases hirlings of unelected corporate-military agendas, who in turn have established 'treaties' with an alien force or forces? Just how 'legal' is the U.S. presidency anyway, following the death of John F. Kennedy, IF Lyndon Johnson was an accomplise in a fascist coup d'etat of the Executive branch of the U.S. government in 1963? Were any of the Corporate-CFR-TLC 'presidential' hirelings who came into office following this Executive coup d'etat 'legal'? Were their Executive Orders, for instance those connected with FEMA which 'authorize' the destruction of the U.S. Constitution in the event of a 'national emergency', 'legal'? Or could it be that such Executive Orders are not worth the TOILET PAPER they are written on? The fact is that the Greys, with the help of their mind-controlled human zombie collaborators, HAVE INVADED OUR COUNTRY, OUR AIRSPACE, AND HAVE UNDERMINED OUR LANDS, and they are freely VIOLATING the personal and mental integrity of our people against their conscious consent. - Branton).

Therefore, in ELIMINATING this threat, we most certainly cannot be called the 'aggressor', because we HAVE literally been invaded.

In final conclusion, A) They CANNOT under ANY circumstances be trusted. B) They are totally deceptive and death oriented and have no moral respect for human or human life. C) NO NEGOTIATION, AGREEMENT nor PEACEFUL COMPROMISE can be settled upon in any way. D) NO agreement signed by both parties will EVER be adhered to NOR recognized and respected by the alien, though they might attempt to make us believe otherwise. E) ABSOLUTELY NO QUARTER can be allowed under ANY circumstances. Once the offense is instigated, it cannot be abandoned. If it is, reciprocal reprisal will immediately result. They must be made to come down -- destruct themselves which is a standing order if the ship is failing or leave earth immediately -- NO leeway of any kind can be allowed or tolerated."


For those of you who would question the need to take the offensive against the Reptiloid/Gray strongholds at Dulce and elsewhere, let me just remind you of the kind of alien mentality we are dealing with here by relating the following three incidents:


According to well-known Ufologist Brad Steiger, in the book THE RAINBOW CONSPIRACY, co-authored with his wife Sherry Steiger, a terrifying incident occurred in 1955. This was one of SEVERAL reports of UFO attacks against civilians, civilian airlines and military planes and jets that were documented in the book. In many cases many notorious airline crashes were accompanied by UFO activity reported by witnesses just prior to the disasters or disappearances. Usually there are few actual witnesses to aircraft related 'disasters' or 'disappearances', however in this particular case there was.

A civilian pilot and his friend were engaged in some prospecting projects near the headwaters of the Agua River near the city of Prescott, Arizona. The two men SWORE that they had observed two brightly lit UFOs attack a military plane as it directed "some kind of strange beams" at the aircraft, causing it to explode.

Worse yet, according to the civilian pilot and his friend, when both of the airmen ejected from the doomed and burning aircraft and began floating down to the ground in their parachutes, the UFOs swung back around and seared the survivors with the same deadly rays, apparently killing them both.


In an article titled, 'INCREDIBLE UFO INCINERATION'S: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE COMBUSTIBLE KIND', researcher Larry E. Arnold describes the following terrifying encounters:

...Of the many episodes involving UFOs and the spontaneous combustion of humans, quite probably the most disastrous event [if true] in MODERN times occurred to the African village of Kirimukuya on Mt. Kenya.

For several nights in June 1954, young Laili Thindu and his shepherd companions listened to the pounding of their neighbors' drums announcing a wedding about to take place on the mountainside. They also watched STRANGE LIGHTS soar around this 'sacred' peak in central Kenya. They naturally were startled when bright beams flashed from these soaring lights, then concerned that the drums were now silent.

The next morning Laili learned that 'all the dancers, all the children, all the livestock, -- the entire population of the village -- had been seared to death by terrible streams of light from glowing objects,' report Brad Steiger and Joan Whritenour in their book , FLYING SAUCERS ARE HOSTILE. 'It was not until Laili Thindu ventured into Nairobi that he was able to tell his story to someone who recognized the tale for what it really was: the annihilation of an African village by a UFO..."


In the Spring 1991 issue of UFO JOURNAL OF FACTS, Forest Crawford, a researcher for the well-known MUFON aerial phenomena research organization, related his personal encounters and conversations with a man he identified only as 'Oscar', who was involved in UFO crash/retrieval projects in earlier years. Oscar stated that on one occasion he and his team recieved an assignment to investigate a disc that had crashed near Phoenix, Arizona and was then transported to an underground base in North Dakota. The team descended into the deeper levels of the COMTRAPAC submarine base in San Diego where high-security OSS personnel directed them to a tube-like shuttle. Entering the shuttle they prepared to "shoot the tubes", and eventually emerged into the lower levels of the North Dakota base.

Once they arrived, they were told that they would not be allowed to visit the surface of the base during their stay. 'Oscar' viewed the disc which had originally held a crew of three human-like pilots. Two were found outside the craft dead from radiation exposure and other injuries, whereas another was found in an injured state within the secured conditions inside the craft after the team had succeeded in opening it using a sonic resonator. The operation was initially carried out under the direction of Commander Charles Turner, a friendly man who Oscar got along with well. However without warning another high-ranking officer who everyone feared and who did not appear friendly at all came on the scene. He stated that he was now in charge and began ordering all kinds of experiments and exploratory surgeries on the humanoid -- who was still alive -- in spite of the fact that the anethsesia had little or no affect on him. Some samples of his organs were also removed for study.

The new man in charge was Frank Drake, who later became involved with the OZMA and SETI radio-dish experiments, which had initially pointed their dishes at Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani and began receiving intense signals suggesting intelligent life. These initial reports were a mistake or irrelevant according to Frank Drake and his colleagues, and nothing remarkable resulted 'publicly' from the SETI project -- 'officially' that is -- however this and similar projects continue to recieve a great deal of funding supplied by the loyal American taxpayer. Drake named the disc-recovery research project OSMA [with an 'S'], and continued to torment the humanoid with various surgical procedures until he finally died. Oscar had given the humanoid the nickname 'Hank', which was an Amerindian word meaning 'troubled spirit'. According to Forest Crawford, before the humanoid died, 'Oscar' had learned several interesting things from other researchers on his team as well as from the humanoid himself, who had projected images and messages to Oscar via some form of telepathic-empathic-visual-encephalographic wave transfer. The 'man' was approximately 5' 8" tall, of humanplike Meso-American or Mediterranean appearance yet with a face and nose that was slightly 'broader' than the average earth-person, muscular yet not fat -- however he was somewhat heavier for his size than earth people, suggesting that his planet of origin possessed gravity somewhat greater than earth's. Crawford stated:

...The pattern from the panel inside the ship was confirmed by 'Rapp' to match stars of the constellation Eridanus as seen FROM EARTH. It was later confirmed by Hank that the stars of origin of his people were Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani. In later sessions Oscar discussed some reasons for the presence of the aliens. He said THEY DO NOT LIKE THE SITUATION WITH SOME OF THE SMALL GREY ALIENS... ('Hank' also stated that the particular group of aliens that his people most often encountered were the gray-whites, which are apparently a genetically engineered reptiloid-insectoid hybrid race. - Branton). The Tau Cetians feel that the abductions being carried out by some of the Greys ARE A GREAT INJUSTICE TO HUMANITY. 'THEY ARE A PARASITIC RACE THAT HAS AND IS PREYING ON HUMAN CIVILIZATIONS THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE,' Oscar relayed. He added that our government's involvement with the grays IS VERY DANGEROUS AND OUT OF CONTROL... Oscar is ADAMANT that [they] are using HUMAN FLUIDS FOR SUSTENANCE. They feed by immersing their arms in vats and/or rubbing the fluids on their bodies. HE CLAIMS THAT THEY ARE ALSO KIDNAPPING CHILDREN. The Tau Cetians have been preyed upon by these aliens before and they are working with other races and communities that were also victims. ONE SUCH RACE THAT OSCAR CLAIMS WAS RUN OFF THEIR HOME PLANET BY THE BUG PEOPLE [Hanks definition of these aliens, because of their partly insectoid nature and parasitical character] WAS WHAT WE NOW CALL THE NORDICS OR PLEIADIANS. He claims, because of his ongoing contacts, he was made aware of the Billy Meier case in Switzerland and swears that is a real contact...

(Note: Others claim that the Meier contacts and photos are faked, however they may not have been aware of the fact that some of the very first skeptical investigators who came to Meier attempted to see if they could reproduce the photos by making their own models and taking pictures of them. Several of these models and the photos were given to Meier -- the exact motive for doing so is not known. However, later investigators saw these 'models' in Meier's home and took some of the faked photos that the initial investigators had left with Meier, found the hidden 'strings' through photo analysis, and came to the 'logical' conclusion. Was Meier "set up" or was it just one big misunderstanding? Other evidence tends to confirm Meier's claims, including other eye-witnesses to unusual UFO activity, photo's of UFO's passing behind trees, motion picture footage, and so on. - Branton)

I find all these comments interesting especially when you consider one investigative detail of this case. I have seen Oscar's house, his Mother's house, his work shop and truck, and at no time were any books, magazines, transcripts or movies about any subject, let alone recent UFO material, found... Could he be an avid reader of the latest and most controversial UFO documents and just be hiding them when we come over? This is highly unlikely since, without a phone, our visits were always unannounced.

...[Oscar, who has since had subsequent contacts with Tau Cetians] wants people to know that if they are contacted by the Tau Cetians [humans such as he described] to not be afraid because they are here to help."